Veronica Fish is an artist based in MA. blerg Blog  tweetsTweets  insta Insta

Her paintings have been shown in galleries around the world, and she's done a lot of neat things like character design, storyboarding for film + TV, apparel design, and editorial illustration.  She developed "Helmutt the Dog" for the Worcester Art Museum.

She joined the reboot of Archie for issues #5-10 and has drawn Silk and Howard the Duck for Marvel.  She is also the artist on Pirates of Mars by JJ Kahrs and The Wendy Project by Melissa Osbourne.  She is currently drawing Spider-Woman for Marvel Comics and SLAM! For Boom! Studios.

She lives with her husband ♥Andy.


She once ate 3 chicken hearts on a stick to make her brother-in-law wince and plays Owari-style Japanese taiko drums, but not well enough to make a big deal about it. She was also turned into a Flying She-Devil in Atomic Robo.


fiB4NEq.gif please contact hello @ veronicafish .com

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Clients include

  • Archie Comics
  • BOOM! Studios
  • Wired
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • SeltzerGoods
  • LEGO
  • MowgliSurfwear
  • Boston Derby Dames
  • Condé Nast
  • Norman Rockwell Museum


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